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Guillou, L., Chrétiennot-Dinet, M.-J., Medlin, L.K., Claustre, H., Loiseaux-de Goër, S. and Vaulot, D. 1999 Bolidomonas: a new genus with two species belonging to a new algal class, the Bolidophyceae (Heterokonta) J. Phycol. 35: 368-381 list
Guillou, L., Chrétiennot-Dinet, M.J., Boulben, S., Moon-van der Staay, S.Y. and Vaulot, D. 1999 Symbiomonas scintillans gen. et sp nov and Picophagus flagellatus gen. et sp nov (Heterokonta): Two new heterotrophic flagellates of picoplanktonic size Protist 150: 383-398 list
Guillou, L., Eikrem, W., Chrétiennot-Dinet, M.J., Le Gall, F., Massana, R., Romari, K., Pedrós-Alió, C. and Vaulot, D. 2004 Diversity of picoplanktonic prasinophytes assessed by direct nuclear SSU rDNA sequencing of environmental samples and novel isolates retrieved from oceanic and coastal marine ecosystems Protist 155: 193-214 list
Guillou, L., Jacquet, S., Chretiennot Dinet, M.J. and Vaulot, D. 2001 Grazing impact of two small heterotrophic flagellates on Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus Aquat. Microb. Ecol. 26: 201-207 list
Guillou, L., Moon-van der Staay, S.Y., Claustre, H., Partensky, F. and Vaulot, D. 1999 Diversity and abundance of Bolidophyceae (Heterokonta) in two oceanic regions Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 65: 4528-4536 list
Hagino, K., Bendif, E.M., Young, J., Kogame, K., Takano, Y., Probert, I., Horiguchi, T., de Vargas, C. and Okada, H. 2011 New evidence for morphological and genetic variation in the cosmopolitan coccolithophore Emiliana huxleyi (prymnesiophyceae) from the cox1b-ATP4 genes J. Phycol. 47: 1164-1176 list
Henley, W.J., Hironaka, J.L., Guillou, L., Buchheim, M.A., Buchheim, J.A., Fawley, M.W. and Fawley, K.P. 2004 Phylogenetic analysis of the 'Nannochloris-like' algae and diagnoses of Picochlorum oklahomensis gen. et sp nov (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta) Phycologia 43: 641-652 list
Hoef-Emden, K. 2008 Molecular phylogeny of the phycocyanin-containing cryptophytes: Evolution of biliproteins and geographical distribution. Journal of Phycology 44: 985-993. list
Holtzendorff, J., Partensky, F., Jacquet, S., Bruyant, F., Marie, D., Garczarek, L., Mary, I., Vaulot, D. and Hess, W.R. 2001 Diel expression of cell cycle-related genes in synchronized cultures of Prochlorococcus sp strain PCC 9511 J. Bacteriol. 183: 915-920 list
Horn, S., Ehlers, K., Fritzsch, G., Gil-Rodriguez, M.C., Wilhelm, C. and Schnetter, R. 2007 Synchroma grande spec. nov. (Synchromophyceae class. nov., Heterokontophyta): an amoeboid marine alga with unique plastid complexes Protist 158: 277-9 list
Houdan, A., Billard, C., Marie, D., Not, F., Saez, A.G., Young, J.R. and Probert, I. 2003 Holococcolithophore-heterococcolithphore (Haptophyta) life cycles: flow cytometric analysis of relative ploidy levels Systematics and Biodiversity 4: 453-465 list
Humily, F., Partensky, F., Six, C., Farrant, G.K., Ratin, M., Marie, D. and Garczarek, L. 2013 A Gene Island with Two Possible Configurations Is Involved in Chromatic Acclimation in Marine Synechococcus PLoS ONE 8: e84459 list
Ichinomiya, M., Yoshikawa, S., Kamiya, M., Ohki, K., Takaichi, S. and Kuwata, A. 2011 Isolation and characterization of Parmales (Heterokonta/Heterokontophyta/Stramenopiles) from the Oyashio region, Western North Pacific J. Phycol. 47: 144-151 list
Ishida, K.-i., Endo, H. and Koike, S. 2011 Partenskyella glossopodia (Chlorarachniophyceae) possesses a nucleomorph genome of approximately 1 Mbp Phycol. Res. 59: 120-122 list
Jacquet, S., Partensky, F., Lennon, J.F. and Vaulot, D. 2001 Diel patterns of growth and division in marine picoplankton in culture J. Phycol. 37: 357-369 list
Jacquet, S., Partensky, F., Marie, D., Casotti, R. and Vaulot, D. 2001 Cell cycle regulation by light in Prochlorococcus strains Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 67: 782-790 list
Jancek, S., Gourbiere, S., Moreau, H. and Piganeau, G. 2008 Clues about the genetic basis of adaptation emerge from comparing the proteomes of two Ostreococcus ecotypes (Chlorophyta, Prasinophyceae) Mol. Biol. Evol. 25: 2293-300 list
Jeanthon, C., Boeuf, D., Dahan, O., Le Gall, F., Garczarek, L., Bendif, E.M. and Lehours, A.-C. 2011 Diversity of cultivated and metabolically active aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria along an oligotrophic gradient in the Mediterranean Sea Biogeosciences 8: 1955-1970 list
Jeong, H.J., Lee, S.Y., Kang, N.S., Yoo, Y.D., Lim, A.S., Lee, M.J., Kim, H.S., Yih, W., Yamashita, H. & LaJeunesse, T.C. 2014 Genetics and morphology characterize the dinoflagellate Symbiodinium voratum, n. sp. (Dionophyceae) as the sole representative of Symbiodinium clade E. Eukaryotic Microbiology list
John U, Wayne Litaker R, Montresor M, Murray S, Brosnahan ML and Anderson DM 2014 Formal revision of the Alexandrium tamarense species complex (Dinophyceae) taxonomy: the introduction of five species with emphasis on molecular-based (rDNA) classification Protist 165: 779-804 list


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