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Courties, C., Perasso, R., Chrétiennot-Dinet, M.J., Gouy, M., Guillou, L. and Troussellier, M. 1998 Phylogenetic analysis and genome size of Ostreococcus tauri (Chlorophyta, Prasinophyceae) J. Phycol. 34: 844-849 list
Decelle, J., Probert, I., Bittner, L., Desdevises, Y., Colin, S., de Vargas, C., Gali, M., Simo, R. and Not, F. 2012 An original mode of symbiosis in open ocean plankton Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109: 18000–18005 list
del Campo, J., Sieracki, M.E., Molestina, R., Keeling, P., Massana, R. and Ruiz-Trillo, I. 2014 The others: our biased perspective of eukaryotic genomes Trends in Ecology & Evolution 29: 252-259 list
Demir-Hilton, E., Sudek, S., Cuvelier, M.L., Gentemann, C.L., Zehr, J.P. and Worden, A.Z. 2011 Global distribution patterns of distinct clades of the photosynthetic picoeukaryote Ostreococcus Isme J 5: 1095–1107 list
Derelle, E., Ferraz, C., Escande, M.-L., Eychenié, S., Cooke, R., Piganeau, G., Desdevises, Y., Bellec, L., Moreau, H. and Grimsley, N. 2008 Life-Cycle and Genome of OtV5, a Large DNA Virus of the Pelagic Marine Unicellular Green Alga Ostreococcus tauri PLoS ONE 3: e2250 list
Derelle, E., Ferraz, C., Lagoda, P., Eychenie, S., Cooke, R., Regad, F., Sabau, X., Courties, C., Delseny, M., Demaille, J., Picard, A. and Moreau, H. 2002 DNA libraries for sequencing the genome of Ostreococcus tauri (Chlorophyta, Prasinophyceae): The smallest free-living eukaryotic cell J. Phycol. 38: 1150-1156 list
Derelle, E., Ferraz, C., Rombauts, S., Rouze, P., Worden, A.Z., Robbens, S., Partensky, F., Degroeve, S., Echeynie, S., Cooke, R., Saeys, Y., Wuyts, J., Jabbari, K., Bowler, C., Panaud, O., Piegu, B., Ball, S.G., Ral, J.-P., Bouget, F.-Y., Piganeau, G., De Baets, B., Picard, A., Delseny, M., Demaille, J., Van de Peer, Y. and Moreau, H. 2006 Genome analysis of the smallest free-living eukaryote Ostreococcus tauri unveils many unique features Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 103: 11647-11652 list
Descles, J., Vartanian, M., El Harrak, A., Quinet, M., Bremond, N., Sapriel, G., Bibette, J. and Lopez, P.J. 2008 New tools for labeling silica in living diatoms New Phytol. 177: 822-829 list
Dimier, C., Brunet, C., Geider, R. and Raven, J. 2009 Growth and photoregulation dynamics of the picoeukaryote Pelagomonas calceolata in fluctuating light Limnol. Oceanogr. 54:823-836 list
Dimier, C., Corato, F., Saviello, G. and Brunet, C. 2007 Photophysiological properties of the marine picoeukaryote Picochlorum RCC 237 (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta) J. Phycol. 43: 275-283 list
Dimier, C., Giovanni, S., Ferdinando, T. and Brunet, C. 2009 Comparative ecophysiology of the xanthophyll cycle in six marine phytoplanktonic species Protist in press: list
Drescher, B., Dillaman, R.M. and Taylor, A.R. 2012 Coccolithogenesis In Scyphosphaera apsteinii (Prymnesiophyceae) J. Phycol. 48: 1343-1361 list
Drescher, B., Dillaman, R.M. and Taylor, A.R. 2012 Coccolithogenesis In Scyphosphaera apsteinii (Prymnesiophyceae) J. Phycol. 48: 1343-1361 list
Dufresne, A., Garczarek, L. and Partensky, F. 2005 Accelerated evolution associated with genome reduction in a free-living prokaryote Genome Biol. 6: R14 list
Dufresne, A., Ostrowski, M., Scanlan, D.J., Garczarek, L., Mazard, S., Palenik, B.P., Paulsen, I.T., Tandeau de Marsac, N., Wincker, P., Dossat, C., Ferriera, S., Johnson, J., Post, A.F., Hess, W.R. and Partensky, F. 2008 Unraveling the genomic mosaic of a ubiquitous genus of marine cyanobacteria Genome Biol. 9: R90 list
Dufresne, A., Salanoubat, M., Partensky, F., Artiguenave, F., Axmann, I.M., Barbe, V., Duprat, S., Galperin, M.Y., Koonin, E.V., Le Gall, F., Makarova, K.S., Ostrowski, M., Oztas, S., Robert, C., Rogozin, I.B., Scanlan, D.J., de, M.N.T., Weissenbach, J., Wincker, P., Wolf, Y.I. and Hess, W.R. 2003 Genome sequence of the cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus marinus SS120, a nearly minimal oxyphototrophic genome Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 100: 10020-10025 list
Edvardsen, B., Eikrem, W., Green, J.C., Andersen, R.A., Moon-van der Staay, S.Y. and Medlin, L.K. 2000 Phylogenetic reconstructions of the Haptophyta inferred from 18S ribosomal DNA sequences and available morphological data. Phycologia 39: 19-35. list
Edvardsen, B., Eikrem, W., Throndsen, J., A., S., Probert, I. and Medlin, L. 2011 Ribosomal DNA phylogenies and a morphological revision privide the basis for a new taxonomy of Prymnesiales (Haptophyta) Eur. J. Phycol. 46: 202-228 list
Ehara, M., Watanabe, K.I. and Ohama, T. 2000 Distribution of cognates of group II introns detected in mitochondrial cox1 genes of a diatom and a haptophyte. Gene 256: 157-167. list
Eikrem, W., Romari, K., Latasa, M., Le Gall, F., Throndsen, J. and Vaulot, D. 2004 Florenciella parvula gen. and sp. nov. (Dictyochophyceae, Heterokontophyta) a small flagellate isolated from the English Channel Phycologia 43: 658-668 list


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