Ordering from the Roscoff Culture Collection

Ordering from the RCC is simple but please read very carefully the following instructions.... Many customers get back to us because they do not read carefully the instructions...

We DO NOT provide any estimates (devis en français).  Once you place the order on the web site, you will get a pro-forma invoice in pdf format with all the costs indicated.  You can use this document for your adminstration to place a purchase order (bon de commande en français).

1. Registering

​2. Selecting the strains and placing the order on the web site

  • Every distributable strain can be added to your order using the "Add to Cart" button on the strain page.
    • Some of the strains listed as "non-distributed" can potentially be distributed under certain circumstances (see below)
  • Once you have added strains to your cart you can proceed to checkout.
  • Once the order is complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a  proform pdf invoice summarizing the order.

3.  Finalizing the order

  1. Add a digital signature to the invoice pdf document (or print, sign and scan it).
  2. If it is the first time you order a strain from the RCC, please also fill in the Sorbonne Université customer form. 
    • For French customer use this version
    • For customers outside of France use this version:
    • Please send this form even if you are collaborator because you will be charged the shipping fees.
  3. Send as an attachment by e-mail to the RCC (rcc@sb-roscoff.fr) :
    • the scanned invoice with your signature
    • the UPMC customer form (only if you order from us for the first time)

4. Order processing by the RCC staff and shipping of cultures

  • Please note that we will not ship the cultures until we have received the signed forms by e-mail.
  • An RCC Curator will then contact you by e-mail to confirm your order and to arrange shipment.
  • It takes in general about 2 weeks to prepare the cultures from our stocks.
  • If the culture is only kept as cryopreserved, this may take 3 to 5 weeks.  We are proposing on our web site alternative strains for strains that are only cryopreserved.
  • We will send a proforma invoice with the shipment to facilitate passage through customs in your country. This profoma invoice is the only document that we can supply. If cultures are blocked or delayed in customs, we will not resend the cultures free of charge since it is your responsability to arrange transfer through customs.

5. Paiement

  • Once you have received the cultures, Sorbonne Université will send you an invoice. 
  • Paiement to Sorbonne Université  is by bank transfer only (no credit card paiement at this stage)
  • Unfortunately the adminstration of Sorbonne Université is very slow and it may take 2 to 3 months for them to send the final invoice.
  • Please do not transfer any money before you receive the bill from Sorbonne Université

Non - distributed strains

In general, we do not distribute :

  • strains that originate from other collections. If you need strains from other collections, please order directly from the original collections.
  • mixed strains (often contaminated by heterotrophic flagellates)
  • uncharacterized strains
  • strains that are in the process of being characterized or described by RCC staff
  • strains that have been deposited in the RCC by researchers who request restriction on distribution until they have published on the strains (e.g. new species)

If you are interested in obtaining these strains, this will be through a special collaboration arrangement.  Please contact us if you are interested in non-distributed strains.