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The Roscoff Culture Collection (RCC) maintains and distributes approximately 5000 strains of marine microalgae, macroalgae, protists, bacteria and viruses. It is located at the Station Biologique in Roscoff (France) which is run by Sorbonne University and the CNRS. The RCC is part of the European infrastructure EMBRC and the French national infrastructure EMBRC-France.

In addition to services offered for public and private laboratories, the RCC supports schools in carrying out practical work. Pour plus d'information sur la fourniture de souches pour les colleges et lycées cliquez ici.

The RCC will run a short introductory course on phytoplankton identification and basic culturing methods early next year (from the 15th to 18th Mars 2021). The course (in French) will involve lectures, sampling, and practical sessions introducing the steps involved in initiating a microalgal culture: collecting natural samples, isolation and laboratory culturing techniques, identification.  More information here.

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