• No mimimum order
  • Prices are different depending on whether you are from the public sector (research centre, university) or private sector (companies).
  • Cultures are free for collaborators (e.g. participants of projects such as MACUMBA)
  • Shipping costs will be added to all orders. Contact us before placing your order if you reside outside Europe.
  • Note that French customers (except those from the CNRS) will have to pay 20% VAT.
  Unit price Remark
Conditionning Public sector
(University, Research center)
Private company
Culture 30 mL live 50 € 150 € Free for collaborators
Culture 1 L live 100 € 300 €  
Culture 30 mL frozen pellet 150 € 450 €  
Culture 1 L frozen pellet 300 € 900 €  
Strain identification by
18S sequencing
50 € 150 €  

Note : La fourniture de cultures est gratuite pour les établissements scolaires français (écoles primaires, collèges et lycées).

Please note that the price for public sector users represents less than 30% of the full economic cost of providing strains (>70% of the cost is subsidized by the CNRS/UPMC).