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Voß B, Bolhuis H, Fewer DP, Kopf M, Möke F, Haas F, El-Shehawy R, Hayes P, Bergman B, Sivonen K, Dittmann E, Scanlan DJ, Hagemann M, Stal LJ, Hess WR 2013 Insights into the physiology and ecology of the brackish-water-adapted cyanobacterium Nodularia spumigena CCY9414 based on a genome-transcriptome analysis PLoS One 8:e60224 list
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Waters, E.R. and Rioflorido, I. 2007 Evolutionary analysis of the small heat shock proteins in five complete algal genomes J. Mol. Evol. 65: 162-74 list
Weissbach, A. and Legrand, C. 2012 Effect of different salinities on growth and intra- and extracellular toxicity of four strains of the haptophyte Prymnesium parvum. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 67: 139-149. list
West, N.J., Schonhuber, W.A., Fuller, N.J., Amann, R.I., Rippka, R., Post, A.F. and Scanlan, D.J. 2001 Closely related Prochlorococcus genotypes show remarkably different depth distributions in two oceanic regions as revealed by in situ hybridization using 16S rRNA-targeted oligonucleotides Microbiol. - UK 147: 1731-1744 list
Wolhowe, M.D., Prahl, F.G., Probert, I. and Maldonado, M. 2009 Growth phase dependent hydrogen isotopic fractionation in alkenone-producing haptophytes Biogeosciences 6: 1681-1694 list
Worden, A.Z. and Allen, A.E. 2010 The voyage of the microbial eukaryote Curr. Opin. Microbiol. 13: 652-660 list
Worden, A.Z., Lee, J.-H., Mock, T., Rouzé, P., Simmons, M.P., Aerts, A.L., Allen, A.E., Cuvelier, M.L., Derelle, E., Everett, M.V., Foulon, E., Grimwood, J., Gundlach, H., Henrissat, B., Napoli, C., McDonald, S.M., Parker, M.S., Rombauts, S., Salamov, A., Von Dassow, P., Badger, J.H., Coutinho, P.M., Demir, E., Dubchak, I., Gentemann, C., Eikrem, W., Gready, J.E., John, U., Lanier, W., Lindquist, E.A., Lucas, S., Mayer, K.F.X., Moreau, H., Not, F., Otillar, R., Panaud, O., Pangilinan, J., Paulsen, I., Piegu, B., Poliakov, A., Robbens, S., Schmutz, J., Toulza, E., Wyss, T., Zelensky, A., Zhou, K., Armbrust, E.V., Bhattacharya, D., Goodenough, U.W., Van de Peer, Y. and Grigoriev, I.V. 2009 Green evolution and dynamic adaptations revealed by genomes of the marine picoeukaryotes Micromonas Science 324: 268-272 list
Yabuki, A., Eikrem, W., Takishita, K. and Patterson, D.J. 2013 Fine Structure of Telonema subtilis Griessmann, 1913: A Flagellate with a Unique Cytoskeletal Structure Among Eukaryotes Protist 164: 556-569 list
Zhu, F., Massana, R., Not, F., Marie, D. and Vaulot, D. 2005 Mapping of picoeucaryotes in marine ecosystems with quantitative PCR of the 18S rRNA gene FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 52: 79-92 list
Zingone, A., Chrétiennot-Dinet, M.-J., Lange, M. and Medlin, L.K. 1999 Morphological and genetic characterization of Phaeocystis cordata and P. jahnii (Prymnesiophyceae), two new species from the Mediterranean Sea J. Phycol. 35: 1322-1337 list


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