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RCC# Class Order Species Strain namesort ascending Ocean Growth t° Distributed Lost Cryo only ABS
RCC8416 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_90 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8415 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_82 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8414 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_58 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8413 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_213 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8412 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_211 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8411 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_2 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8410 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_198 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8409 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_185 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8408 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_183 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8407 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_181 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8406 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_173 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8405 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_138 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8404 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_117 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8403 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZS_107 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8417 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_splendidus ZF_41 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC8385 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_sp ZF 223 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC3578 Chlorodendrophyceae Chlorodendrales Tetraselmis_sp XAV3 17
RCC3577 Chlorodendrophyceae Chlorodendrales Tetraselmis_sp XAV2 17
RCC6735 Dinophyceae Suessiales Breviolum_sp XAV1-13-13 24
RCC3576 Chlorodendrophyceae Chlorodendrales Tetraselmis_striata XAV1 17
RCC10955 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp X-VEL Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC8343 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_nigripulchritudo Wn13 Pacific Ocean 30
RCC2033 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH8109 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC2366 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH8103Syn Clonal Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC29 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH8103Syn Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC539 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH8102 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC2555 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH8101 Clonal Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC2437 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH8020 Clonal Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC751 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH8020 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC2373 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH8018 Clonal Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC2535 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH8016-Clonal Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC1085 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH7805 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC752 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH7803 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC1084 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH5701 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC7898 Bacillariophyceae Naviculales Navicula_sp WAP71 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7895 Bacillariophyceae Naviculales Naviculales_XX_sp WAP62 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7894 Mediophyceae Thalassiosirales Porosira_glacialis WAP60 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7893 Chrysophyceae Chromulinales Pedospumella_sp WAP55 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7892 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Fragilariopsis_cylindrus WAP48 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7889 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Fragilariopsis_cylindrus WAP38 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7887 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Fragilariopsis_cylindrus WAP34 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7883 Ulvophyceae Ulotrichales Ulothrix_sp WAP24 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7882 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Cylindrotheca_closterium WAP23a Southern Ocean 4
RCC7881 Bacillariophyceae Fragilariales Synedra_sp WAP20 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7880 Ulvophyceae Ulotrichales Ulothrix_sp WAP17 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7878 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Cylindrotheca_closterium WAP12a Southern Ocean 4
RCC5151 Prymnesiophyceae Phaeocystales Phaeocystis_antarctica W6-4 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7332 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Cyanobium_sp Vulcanococcus limneticus LL 20
RCC10952 Dictyochophyceae Florenciellales Florenciella_parvula VIV20-7 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10951 Dinophyceae Peridiniales Pentapharsodinium_dalei VIV20-6 Atlantic Ocean 13