How to deposit

Depositing strains in the Roscoff Culture Collection

We encourage you to deposit your cultures to the RCC. 

Strains deposited in the RCC will be made available for open distribution unless the depositor has specific reasons not to distribute them for a limited amount time (e.g. waiting for publication of a paper). In such cases, strains will be open for distribution a maximum of one year after the date of the initial deposit. All strains will be given a RCC code. Strains deposited in the RCC cannot subsequently be withdrawn from the collection by the depositor.

Please first contact the RCC with information on the deposit that you wish to make.

Once you have received confirmation that the deposit will be accepted, please fill in the following documents available at the bottom of the page :

  • The Deposit agrement form detailing the conditions of deposit - this document needs to be filled in and signed by you.
  • The Excel deposit worksheet.¬† You need to enter detailed information concerning the strains you will deposit (taxonomy, name of strain, origin, culture conditions, etc...).

Email both documents to the RCC prior to sending the strains.