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RCC# Class Order Species Strain name Ocean Growth t° Distributed Lost Cryo ABS
RCC911 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi Biosope_32B_FL1-2 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC914 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi Biosope_34B_HO5 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC915 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_223_FL2-3 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC916 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_coloniale Biosope_34B2_FL2-5 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC917 Chloropicophyceae Chloropicales Chloropicon_roscoffensis Biosope_182_FL1-3 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC921 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi Biosope_32B_HO8 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC924 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_221_FL1-1 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC925 Prymnesiophyceae Phaeocystales Phaeocystis_jahnii Biosope_224_FL2-3 Pacific Ocean 15
RCC926 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_235_FL2-3 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC927 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_singularis Biosope_243_FL1-4 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC928 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_singularis Biosope_169_FL2-2 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC929 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_singularis Biosope_219_FL1-4 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC930 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_singularis Biosope_212_FLA2 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC931 Pyramimonadophyceae Pseudoscourfieldiales Pycnococcus_provasolii Biosope_206_FL1-1 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC933 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_singularis Biosope_214_FLB6 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC934 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_singularis Biosope_214_FLB3 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC935 Prymnesiophyceae Phaeocystales Phaeocystis_jahnii Biosope_219_FL2-3 Pacific Ocean 15
RCC936 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_singularis Biosope_212_FLA5 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC937 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_141 B Pacific Ocean 20
RCC938 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_122 A Pacific Ocean 20
RCC939 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_123 B Pacific Ocean 20
RCC940 Prymnesiophyceae Phaeocystales Phaeocystis_globosa Biosope_122 B Pacific Ocean 15
RCC941 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_singularis Biosope_169_FL2-4 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC943 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_237_DVB3 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC944 Trebouxiophyceae Chlorellales Picochlorum_sp Biosope_237_DVC4 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC946 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_singularis Biosope_235_FL1-4 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC948 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi Biosope_175_FL2-4 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC950 Mediophyceae Thalassiosirales Thalassiosira_pseudonana Biosope_237_DVA4 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC953 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_44 A2 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC954 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_43 A2 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC955 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi Biosope_32B_HO22 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC956 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi Biosope_34B_HO16 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC958 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi Biosope_34B_HO6 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC959 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_coloniale Biosope_273_FL2-2 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC960 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_coloniale Biosope_273_FL2-3 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC961 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_coloniale Biosope_273_FL2-7 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC962 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi Biosope_32B_FL1-3 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC963 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi Biosope_32B_FL2-2 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC966 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Micromonas_commoda Biosope_234_DVD10 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC969 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_93 B Pacific Ocean 20
RCC971 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_109 A1 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC972 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_109 B1 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC974 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_109 B3 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC975 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_110 A1 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC979 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_131 A3 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC980 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_111 B2 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC981 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_111 C1E Pacific Ocean 20
RCC984 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_25 A2 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC985 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_26 A2 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC986 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonadaceae_clade_C_sp Biosope_27 A2 Pacific Ocean 20