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RCC# Class Order Species Strain name Ocean Growth t° Distributed Lostsort descending Cryo only ABS
RCC1050 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_141 A Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1051 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_123 A Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1052 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_129 A1 545 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1054 Trebouxiophyceae Prasiolales Stichococcus_sp Biosope_148 A1C1-1 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1055 Trebouxiophyceae Prasiolales Stichococcus_sp Biosope_148 A1C1-2 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1056 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_singularis Biosope_190 C2-1 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1057 Prasinodermophyceae Prasinodermales Prasinoderma_singularis Biosope_190 C2-2 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1058 Pyramimonadophyceae Pseudoscourfieldiales Pycnococcus_provasolii Biosope_206 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1059 Pyramimonadophyceae Pseudoscourfieldiales Pycnococcus_provasolii Biosope_209 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1060 Pyramimonadophyceae Pseudoscourfieldiales Pycnococcus_provasolii Biosope_244 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1061 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_45 B4 462 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1062 Pelagophyceae Pelagomonadales Pelagomonas_calceolata Biosope_45 B5 464 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1065 Kinetoplastida Bodonida Rhynchomonas_nasuta Biosope_71 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1067 Lobosea Lobosea_X Lobosea_XXX_sp Biosope_248 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1069 Bicosoecophyceae Bicosoecales Pseudobodo_tremulans? Biosope_145 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1071 Bicosoecophyceae Bicosoecales Cafeteria_sp Biosope_118 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1072 Bicosoecophyceae Bicosoecales Caecitellus_sp Biosope_125 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1077 Bicosoecophyceae Bicosoecales Cafeteria_sp Biosope_97 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1078 Bicosoecophyceae Bicosoecales Caecitellus_sp Biosope_126 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1079 Bicosoecophyceae Bicosoecales Caecitellus_parvulus Biosope_83 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC1084 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH5701 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC1085 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp WH7805 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC1086 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp CC9311 Pacific Ocean 22
RCC1087 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp A15-24 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC1094 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp A15-74 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC1097 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp A15-22 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC1098 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp A15-17 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC1099 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp A15-20 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC1101 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp A15-34 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC1106 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_mediterraneus OTha1 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1107 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_mediterraneus OBag1 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1108 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_tauri OBan1 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1109 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Micromonas_clade_B_warm 54.4.A Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1110 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_tauri 54.4.D Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1111 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_tauri 58_8_B Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1112 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_tauri LB7-1 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1113 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_tauri LB7-2 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1114 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_tauri N68_2_1 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1115 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_tauri N68_3_2 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1117 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_tauri N68_5_3 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1118 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_tauri N68_6_3 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1119 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_mediterraneus NG78_4_3 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1120 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_sp 92_1_1 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1121 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_mediterraneus 92_2_1 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1122 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_mediterraneus 92_2_4 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1123 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_sp 73_1_1 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1124 Chloropicophyceae Chloropicales Chloropicon_roscoffensis PAP_AD Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC1129 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Calcidiscus_leptoporus AC371 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC1130 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Calcidiscus_leptoporus AC370 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC1131 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Calcidiscus_leptoporus NS10-2(N) Atlantic Ocean 17