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RCC# Class Order Species Strain namesort ascending Ocean Growth t° Distributed Lost Cryo only ABS
RCC1485 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Oolithotus_fragilis VF11 Mediterranean Sea 17
RCC3467 Dinophyceae Peridiniales Brandtodinium_nutricula VF10-5 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC1505 Cryptophyceae Pyrenomonadales Proteomonas_sp VF-C1 Mediterranean Sea 17
RCC10854 Eustigmatophyceae Eustigmatales Vischeria_punctata V-266 inland 13
RCC6739 Stylonematophyceae Stylonematales Rhodosorus_marinus UW456 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC2377 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp UW01 Clonal Pacific Ocean 22
RCC650 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp UW01 Pacific Ocean 20
RCC653 Bangiophyceae Porphyridiales Porphyridium_purpureum UTEX 161 inland 20
RCC7125 Phaeophyceae Laminariales Undaria_pinnatifida Un1m bizeux Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC7126 Phaeophyceae Laminariales Undaria_pinnatifida Un1f bizeux Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC3428 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Prymnesium_parvum UIO56 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC3427 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Prymnesium_parvum UIO55 Indian Ocean 13
RCC3426 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Prymnesium_parvum UIO54 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC2064 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Chrysochromulina_throndsenii UIO49 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC2063 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Chrysochromulina_throndsenii UIO48 13
RCC3425 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Prymnesium_sp UIO42 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC6738 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Prymnesium_polylepis UIO36 13
RCC3424 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Chrysochromulina_leadbeateri UIO35 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC2058 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Prymnesium_kappa UIO32 13
RCC2544 Dictyochophyceae Pedinellales Pedinellales_XX_sp UIO303 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC2540 Dinophyceae Peridiniales Heterocapsa_triquetra UIO300 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC3421 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Haptolina_hirta UIO30 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC2539 Dinophyceae Gymnodiniales Karlodinium_cf_veneficum UIO297 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC3446 Dinophyceae Gymnodiniales Karlodinium_sp UIO297 13
RCC3445 Chlorophyceae Chlamydomonadales Chlamydomonas_sp UIO294 13
RCC3444 Chlorophyceae Chlamydomonadales Chlamydomonas_sp UIO289 13
RCC3443 Chlorophyceae Chlamydomonadales Chlamydomonas_sp UIO288 13
RCC3442 Dinophyceae Thoracosphaerales Scrippsiella_sp UIO284 13
RCC2543 Dinophyceae Thoracosphaerales Scrippsiella_trochoidea UIO284 Mediterranean Sea 13
RCC3440 Pyramimonadophyceae Pseudoscourfieldiales Pycnococcus_provasolii UIO281 13
RCC3420 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Haptolina_ericina UIO28 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC3439 Pyramimonadophyceae Pseudoscourfieldiales Pycnococcus_provasolii UIO278 13
RCC2056 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Haptolina_ericina UIO26 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC2541 Pavlovophyceae Pavlovales Pavlova_sp UIO257 Mediterranean Sea 13
RCC3438 Pavlovophyceae Pavlovales Diacronema_sp UIO257 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC3436 Cryptophyceae Pyrenomonadales Chroomonas_sp UIO256 17
RCC3437 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Dicrateria_sp UIO255 13
RCC3429 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Dicrateria_rotunda UIO138 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC10853 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Prymnesiales_XX_sp UIO-36 13
RCC3514 Pavlovophyceae Pavlovales Diacronema_ennorea U238-3 Mediterranean Sea 13
RCC3513 Pavlovophyceae Pavlovales Diacronema_ennorea U238-1 Mediterranean Sea 13
RCC7113 Phaeophyceae Ectocarpales Pylaiella_littoralis U1.48 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC3714 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Gephyrocapsa_oceanica TS6 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC3713 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Gephyrocapsa_oceanica TS5 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC3712 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Gephyrocapsa_oceanica TS4 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC3711 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Gephyrocapsa_oceanica TS3 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC3723 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Gephyrocapsa_oceanica TS18 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC3722 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Gephyrocapsa_oceanica TS17 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC3721 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Gephyrocapsa_oceanica TS16 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC3718 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Gephyrocapsa_oceanica TS13 Pacific Ocean 17