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RCC# Class Order Species Strain name Ocean Growth t° Distributed Lost Cryo only ABS
RCC350 Cryptophyceae Pyrenomonadales Rhodomonas_baltica Poulet 20
RCC357 Eustigmatophyceae Eustigmatales Nannochloropsis_sp RA000711-23-2 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC361 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Dicrateria_rotunda RA000609-17-10 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC367 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp PROSOPE_25 Mediterranean Sea 22
RCC372 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Micromonas_commoda Naples Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC373 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Micromonas_pusilla Skagerrak Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC374 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp PROSOPE_49-2 Mediterranean Sea 22
RCC375 Chlorarachniophyceae Chlorarachniales Lotharella_reticulosa PROSOPE_97-1 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC378 Chrysophyceae Chromulinales Paraphysomonas_sp PROSOPE_118-2 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC383 Chrysophyceae Chromulinales Paraphysomonas_sp PROSOPE_50-1 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC391 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Throndsenia_aranea_nom_nud PROSOPE_1-10 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC394 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp PROSOPE_1-9 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC395 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Mantoniella_squamata RA000711-19-2 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC396 Trebouxiophyceae Trebouxiophyceae_X Coccomyxa_sp REDSEA_3-1 Indian Ocean 20
RCC398 Trebouxiophyceae Trebouxiophyceae_X Coccomyxa_sp REDSEA_21-1 Indian Ocean 20
RCC401 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Dicrateria_rotunda RA000609-11 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC406 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Dicrateria_rotunda RA000609-18-5 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC407 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Prochlorococcus_sp MIT9313 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC408 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Prochlorococcus_marinus REDSEA_12-2 Indian Ocean 22
RCC410 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_clade_B REDSEA_20-3 Indian Ocean 20
RCC413 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp RA000609-11-2 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC417 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Mantoniella_squamata CCMP480 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC418 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Micromonas_bravo RD010614-71-1 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC419 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Bathycoccus_prasinos RD010614-71-3 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC422 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_sp RD010614-71-20 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC424 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Bathycoccus_prasinos RA000907-36-3 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC426 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_sp RA010613-64-20 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC427 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_sp RA010613-65-13 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC429 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_sp RA010613-65-15 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC431 Bacillariophyceae Cymbellales Gomphonema_sp RA010417-50-14 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC432 Pyramimonadophyceae Pseudoscourfieldiales Pycnococcus_provasolii RA001219-43-20 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC433 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Bathycoccus_prasinos RA000907-35-5 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC434 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Micromonas_bravo BL_122 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC435 Chlorarachniophyceae Chlorarachniales Bigelowiella_natans BL_33-3 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC437 Pavlovophyceae Pavlovales Pavlova_sp BL_20/5 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC438 Eustigmatophyceae Eustigmatales Nannochloropsis_granulata BL_39 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC439 Cryptophyceae Pyrenomonadales Proteomonas_sp BL_49/5 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC441 Pavlovophyceae Pavlovales Pavlova_sp BL_146 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC442 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp PROSOPE_2-16 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC443 Chlorophyceae Chlamydomonadales Chlamydomonas_sp ROS97006-10 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC444 Pyramimonadophyceae Pseudoscourfieldiales Pycnococcus_sp VillF I 5m-2 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC446 Dictyochophyceae Florenciellales Florenciella_parvula RA000412-1-1 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC447 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Micromonas_commoda CCMP1195 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC448 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Micromonas_commoda CCMP487 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC449 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Micromonas_commoda CCMP1723 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC450 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Micromonas_commoda CCMP489 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC451 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Micromonas_commoda CCMP492 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC453 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_sp RA010613-64-1 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC454 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_sp RA010613-65-11 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC455 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Bathycoccus_prasinos RA000907-36-9 Atlantic Ocean 13