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RCC# Class Order Species Strain name Ocean Growth t° Distributed Lost Cryo only ABS
RCC10190 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K545a Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10191 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K545b Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10192 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K545c Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10193 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K546a Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10194 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K546b Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10195 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K546c Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10196 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K547a Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10197 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K547b Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10198 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K566 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10199 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K583 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10200 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K585 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10201 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage D544 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10202 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage D548 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10203 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage D553 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10204 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage D555 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10205 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F26 nº2 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10206 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F27 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10207 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F28 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10208 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F29 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10209 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F31 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10210 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F32 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10211 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F33 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10212 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F35 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10213 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F12 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10214 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F15 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10215 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F17 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10216 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F18 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10217 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F20 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10218 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F21 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10219 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F22 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10220 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F23.1 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10221 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F23.2 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10222 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F23.3 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10223 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F24 nº1 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10224 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F24 nº2 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10225 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F25 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10226 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F26 nº1 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10227 Virus_XX Caudovirales Vibrio_chagasii_phage 115F30 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10228 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp CAN-6 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10229 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp CAN-15 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10230 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp CAN-17 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10231 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp CAN-20 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10232 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp CAN-21 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10233 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp CAN-22 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10234 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp Eilat-MG-3 Red Sea 20
RCC10235 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp Eilat-MG-5 Red Sea 20
RCC10236 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp Eilat-MG-6 Red Sea 20
RCC10237 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp Eilat-MG-7 Red Sea 20
RCC10238 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp Eilat-MG-8 Red Sea 20
RCC10239 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp Eilat-MG-9 Red Sea 20