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RCC# Class Order Species Strain name Ocean Growth t° Distributed Lost Cryo only ABS
RCC7859 Trebouxiophyceae Chlorellales Nannochloris_sp PRADO-19KC Mediterranean Sea 19
RCC7860 Mediophyceae Thalassiosirales Thalassiosira_sp SUGITON-19K Mediterranean Sea 19
RCC7861 Mediophyceae Thalassiosirales Thalassiosira_profunda BS18 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC7862 Mediophyceae Thalassiosirales Thalassiosira_profunda BS23 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC7863 Pavlovophyceae Pavlovales Pavlova_pinguis BS25 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC7864 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Cylindrotheca_closterium BS26 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC7865 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Nitzschia_traheaformis BS31 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC7866 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Nitzschia_sp T1 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC7867 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Nitzschia_sp T2 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC7868 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Nitzschia_sp T3 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC7869 Chlorodendrophyceae Chlorodendrales Tetraselmis_sp T4 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC7870 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Nitzschia_sp T5 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC7871 Mediophyceae Chaetocerotales Chaetoceros_curvisetus T6 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC7872 Eustigmatophyceae Eustigmatales Nannochloropsis_oceanica KO9 Indian Ocean 18
RCC7873 Eustigmatophyceae Eustigmatales Nannochloropsis_oceanica KO59 Indian Ocean 18
RCC7874 Eustigmatophyceae Eustigmatales Nannochloropsis_oceanica Over3 Indian Ocean 18
RCC7875 Eustigmatophyceae Eustigmatales Nannochloropsis_oceanica Over33 Indian Ocean 18
RCC7877 Pyramimonadophyceae Pyramimonadales Pyramimonas_gelidicola WAP10 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7878 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Cylindrotheca_closterium WAP12a Southern Ocean 4
RCC7880 Ulvophyceae Ulotrichales Ulothrix_sp WAP17 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7881 Bacillariophyceae Fragilariales Synedra_sp WAP20 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7882 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Cylindrotheca_closterium WAP23a Southern Ocean 4
RCC7883 Ulvophyceae Ulotrichales Ulothrix_sp WAP24 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7887 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Fragilariopsis_cylindrus WAP34 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7888 Cryptophyceae Pyrenomonadales Geminigera_cryophyla WAP36 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7889 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Fragilariopsis_cylindrus WAP38 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7892 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Fragilariopsis_cylindrus WAP48 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7893 Chrysophyceae Chromulinales Pedospumella_sp WAP55 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7894 Mediophyceae Thalassiosirales Porosira_glacialis WAP60 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7895 Bacillariophyceae Naviculales Naviculales_XX_sp WAP62 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7898 Bacillariophyceae Naviculales Navicula_sp WAP71 Southern Ocean 4