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RCC# Classsort descending Order Species Strain name Ocean Growth t° Distributed Lost Cryo only ABS
RCC6028 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Micrococcus_sp RA181003_New16 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4175 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Tessaracoccus_sp S028 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4169 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Agrococcus_sp S016 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6824 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Chryseoglobus_sp RA190513-4 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4176 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Microbacterium_sp S029 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4338 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Arthrobacter_subterraneus KC79C Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4698 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Microbacterium_oxydans RCC4200T1 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4177 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Microbacterium_schleiferi S032 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4692 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Nocardioides_sp KC3A Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6024 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Micrococcus_luteus RA181003_New7 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4673 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Micrococcus_luteus KC35 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6018 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Micrococcus_sp RA181003_2-1 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4178 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Curtobacterium_flaccumfaciens S033 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6795 Actinobacteria_X Corynebacteriales Mycolicibacterium_sp RA190104-42 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4680 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Kocuria_rosea KC2 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4159 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Micrococcus_luteus F046 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6827 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Brevibacterium_sp RA190513-9 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4179 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Microbacterium_profundii S034 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6013 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Micrococcus_sp RA181003_1-4 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4160 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Micrococcus_yunnanensis F052 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6026 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Micrococcus_yunnanensis RA181003_New12 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4315 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Arthrobacter_subterraneus KC79A Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4129 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Brevibacterium_aurantiacum DD0090 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4695 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Nocardioides_furvisabuli RCC4181T2 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4316 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Arthrobacter_subterraneus KC79B Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4708 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Micrococcus_luteus NA18H10 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC4181 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Nocardioides_furvisabuli KC3 18
RCC5729 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Sulfitobacter_porphyrae 963_C1 18
RCC4350 Alphaproteobacteria Rhizobiales Hoeflea_sp KC58A Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC1912 Alphaproteobacteria Alphaproteobacteria_X Alphaproteobacteria_XXX_sp AAPB BOUM B55 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC4317 Alphaproteobacteria Rhizobiales Nitratoreductor_sp KC41A Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC1880 Alphaproteobacteria Sphingomonadales Citromicrobium_bathyomarinum AAPB BOUM B9 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC6773 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Thalassobius_sp 1212-1-6 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC1926 Alphaproteobacteria Alphaproteobacteria_X Alphaproteobacteria_XXX_sp AAPB BOUM BFLO-SOUCHE106C Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC4188 Alphaproteobacteria Sphingomonadales Erythrobacter_citreus KC18 18
RCC4330 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Shimia_marina KC52A Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC1893 Alphaproteobacteria Sphingomonadales Citromicrobium_bathyomarinum AAPB BOUM B25 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC5774 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Sulfitobacter_pontiacus 1731_2_H06 18
RCC4709 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Paracoccus_sp EIL42C01 Indian Ocean 18
RCC5742 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Ruegeria_sp 963_C13 18
RCC4677 Alphaproteobacteria Caulobacterales Algimonas_ampicilliniresistens KC5D Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC5755 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Leisingera_aquaemixtae 963_3_E04 18
RCC4690 Alphaproteobacteria Caulobacterales Algimonas_ampicilliniresistens KC5E Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6786 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Pseudovibrio_sp RA190104-18 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4376 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Oceanicaulis_sp NA01G07 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC6022 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Planktomarina_sp RA181003_New2 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6754 Alphaproteobacteria Sphingomonadales Sphingobium_sp RA181003-1-G5 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC1906 Alphaproteobacteria Alphaproteobacteria_X Alphaproteobacteria_XXX_sp AAPB BOUM B39 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC4703 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Oceanicaulis_sp NA31G07 Mediterranean Sea 18
RCC6800 Alphaproteobacteria Sphingomonadales Sphingorhabdus_sp RA190104-29 Atlantic Ocean 18