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RCC# Class Order Species Strain namesort descending Ocean Growth t° Distributed Lost Cryo ABS
RCC4064 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A12-908 inland 17
RCC4065 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A12-909 inland 17
RCC4066 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A12-910 inland 17
RCC4067 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A12-911 inland 17
RCC4068 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A12-917 inland 17
RCC4069 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A12-918 inland 17
RCC4070 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Isochrysis_galbana A12-920 inland 17
RCC6183 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A12-960
RCC6184 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A12-963 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6185 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A12-964 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6186 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A12-965 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6187 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A12-966 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6189 Xanthophyceae Mischococcales Trachydiscus_sp A12.339 inland 15
RCC6191 Eustigmatophyceae Eustigmatophyceae_X Eustigmatophyceae_XXX_sp A12.428 inland 15
RCC6192 Cyanophyceae Nostocales Nostoc_sp A12.448 inland 20
RCC6193 Xanthophyceae Mischococcales Ophiocytium_sp A12.524 inland 15
RCC4398 Syndiniophyceae Coccidiniales Amoebophrya_sp A120 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6082 Syndiniophyceae Coccidiniales Amoebophrya_sp A123 Atlantic Ocean 19
RCC4410 Syndiniophyceae Coccidiniales Amoebophrya_sp A126 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6194 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A13-001 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6195 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A13-004 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6196 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A13-009
RCC6197 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A13-010 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6198 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A13-014 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6199 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A13-015 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6200 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A13-016 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6201 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A13-109 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6202 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A13-110 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6203 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A13-111 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6204 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A13-112 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6205 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A13-113 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6206 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A13-129 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6207 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A13-130 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6208 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A13-131 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6209 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A13-132 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6210 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A13-135 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6211 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A13-146 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6212 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A13-147 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6213 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A13-248 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6214 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A13-253
RCC6215 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A13-254 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC6216 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_stipitata A13-255 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC4071 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A13-257 inland 17
RCC6218 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcaceae_X_sp A13-775 inland 15
RCC4402 Syndiniophyceae Coccidiniales Amoebophrya_sp A135 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4411 Syndiniophyceae Coccidiniales Amoebophrya_sp A137 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4412 Syndiniophyceae Coccidiniales Amoebophrya_sp A141 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4401 Syndiniophyceae Coccidiniales Amoebophrya_sp A142 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4390 Syndiniophyceae Coccidiniales Amoebophrya_sp A147 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC4391 Syndiniophyceae Coccidiniales Amoebophrya_sp A148 Atlantic Ocean 18