Diversity and evolution of pigment types in marine \textit{Synechococcus cyanobacteria

TitleDiversity and evolution of pigment types in marine \textit{Synechococcus cyanobacteria
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsGrébert T, Garczarek L, Daubin V, Humily F, Marie D, Ratin M, Devailly A, Farrant GK, Mary I, Mella-Flores D, Tanguy G, Labadie K, Wincker P, Kehoe DM, Partensky F
Secondary AuthorsAngert E
JournalGenome Biology and Evolution
KeywordsRCC307, to add

DNA integration and site-specific recombination, suggesting that their genomic variability relies D in part on a ‘tycheposon’-like mechanism. Comparison of the phylogenies obtained for PBS and E core genes revealed that the evolutionary history of PBS rod genes differs from the core T genome and is characterized by the co-existence of different alleles and frequent allelic P exchange. We propose a scenario for the evolution of the different pigment types and highlight E the importance of incomplete lineage sorting in maintaining a wide diversity of pigment types in C different Synechococcus lineages despite multiple speciation events.