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RCC# Class Order Speciessort descending Strain name Ocean Growth t° Distributed Lost Cryo ABS
RCC6083 Syndiniophyceae Coccidiniales Amoebophrya_sp A153 Atlantic Ocean 19
RCC6085 Syndiniophyceae Coccidiniales Amoebophrya_sp A92 Atlantic Ocean 19
RCC4701 Alphaproteobacteria Rhizobiales Amorphus_suaedae PL162B10 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6017 Alphaproteobacteria Rhizobiales Amorphus_suaedae RA181003_1-13 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6790 Alphaproteobacteria Rhizobiales Amorphus_suaedae RA190104-32 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC1522 Dinophyceae Gymnodiniales Amphidinium_carterae AC208 Atlantic Ocean 17
RCC88 Dinophyceae Gymnodiniales Amphidinium_carterae CCMP1314 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC2983 Dinophyceae Gymnodiniales Amphidinium_sp Ishigaki 7-20-1-B3 Pacific Ocean 22
RCC1981 Dinophyceae Gymnodiniales Amphidinium_testudo Santec 08 Atlantic Ocean 15
RCC5466 Bacillariophyceae Thalassiophysales Amphora_sp GE_DV_IC_DIL_161 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5813 Bacillariophyceae Thalassiophysales Amphora_sp NCC169 Atlantic Ocean 15
RCC7063 Bacillariophyceae Thalassiophysales Amphora_sp NCC261 D-Amp.sp b2 Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC4631 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Andersenia_nodulosa strain A Indian Ocean 20
RCC4632 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Andersenia_nodulosa strain B Indian Ocean 20
RCC6761 Alphaproteobacteria Rhizobiales Anderseniella_baltica RA181003-1-B12 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC286 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_lutea Caen 20
RCC2040 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp MALINA FT106.6 PG4 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC2505 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp MALINA FT89.6N-7 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC2515 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp MALINA FT35.3.N1 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC4552 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp AMT 2014 RE12-1D8 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC5251 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp GE_PG_IC_SORT_235 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5254 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp GE_PG_IC_SORT_240 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5256 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp GE_PG_IC_SORT_242 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5276 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp GE_PG_IC_SORT_294 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5277 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp GE_PG_IC_SORT_296 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5288 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp GE_PG_IC_SORT_315 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5292 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp GE_PG_IC_SORT_321 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5300 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp GE_PG_IC_SORT_343 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5330 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp GE_PG_IC_SingleCell_42 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5450 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp GE_DV_IC_DIL_480 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC6043 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp RA5-PG4-A6 Atlantic Ocean 15
RCC6044 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp RA5-PG5-B1 Atlantic Ocean 15
RCC2491 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp1 MALINA FT191.5 PG1 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC4782 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp1 MicroPolar 04-24 P248-B7 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5282 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp1 GE_PG_IC_SORT_304 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC2493 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp2 MALINA FT38.6 PG2 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC2494 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp2 MALINA FT42.6 PG1 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC2496 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Ankylochrysis_sp2 MALINA FT38.6 PG1 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC6716 Dinophyceae Suessiales Ansanella_catalana PM5 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC5775 Flavobacteria Flavobacteriales Aquimarina_macrocephali 1731_3_D05 18
RCC2696 Pelagophyceae Sarcinochrysidales Arachnochrysis_demoulinii Aka P71.E10 Pacific Ocean 22
RCC6792 Epsilonproteobacteria Campylobacterales Arcobacter_sp RA190104-36 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC2270 Mediophyceae Cymatosirales Arcocellulus_cornucervis MALINA S95 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC3057 Mediophyceae Cymatosirales Arcocellulus_sp ECODIM 07 P148.D9 Pacific Ocean 15
RCC3058 Mediophyceae Cymatosirales Arcocellulus_sp ECODIM EQ 35m P148.H9 Pacific Ocean 15
RCC5526 Mediophyceae Cymatosirales Arcocellulus_sp GE_DV_AM_SORT_61 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5527 Mediophyceae Cymatosirales Arcocellulus_sp GE_DV_AM_SORT_66 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5529 Mediophyceae Cymatosirales Arcocellulus_sp GE_DV_AM_SORT_71 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC5530 Mediophyceae Cymatosirales Arcocellulus_sp GE_DV_AM_SORT_72 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC4315 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Arthrobacter_subterraneus KC79A Atlantic Ocean 18