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RCC# Class Order Species Strain name Ocean Growth t° Distributed Lostsort descending Cryo only ABS
RCC9145 Caudoviricetes Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K143 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC10777 Cryptophyceae Cryptophyceae_X Cryptophyceae_XXX_sp Q1-11 Pacific Ocean 13
RCC9374 Caudoviricetes Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage F50 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC675 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_tauri He010710-D1-C6 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC8314 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_crassostreae 21_18_O_429 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC7209 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp Syn_Tonga_SD11_13 Pacific Ocean 22
RCC9603 Caudoviricetes Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage D380 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC5922 Bacillariophyceae Fragilariales Fragilariaceae_X_sp DynaMO-RA160429-D72 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC8543 Caudoviricetes Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage 24E30-3 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC7448 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_crassostreae GV-45_O_291 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC9832 Caudoviricetes Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage K362 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC6239 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Gephyrocapsa_oceanica BrIB2-GO Atlantic Ocean
RCC8772 Caudoviricetes Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage PS32B-8 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC7694 Mediophyceae Chaetocerotales Chaetoceros_sp SCRATCH2021 R26 Indian Ocean 20
RCC6509 Dinophyceae Suessiales Symbiodiniaceae_X_sp NICE-3
RCC9001 Caudoviricetes Caudovirales Vibrio_crassostreae_phage D62 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC5052 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi CHC664 Pacific Ocean 17
RCC6750 Gammaproteobacteria Oceanospirillales Spongiispira_sp RA180706-1-C11 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC427 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_sp RA010613-65-13 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC5174 Trebouxiophyceae Trebouxiophyceae_X Trebouxiophyceae_XXX_sp Atacama 47 inland 22
RCC8158 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_crassostreae 21_22_O_268 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC5457 Pyramimonadophyceae Pyramimonadales Pyramimonas_diskoicola GE_PG_IC_DIL_1258 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC8170 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_crassostreae 21_23_O_281 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC4064 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Ruttnera_lamellosa A12-908 inland 17
RCC7061 Mediophyceae Chaetocerotales Chaetoceros_rostratus Na72B3 Mediterranean Sea 20
RCC5738 Bacteria_XX Bacteria_XXX Bacteria_XXXXX_sp 963_C10A 18
RCC4315 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Arthrobacter_subterraneus KC79A Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC7304 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Cyanobium_sp Candia 9D4 20
RCC2447 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp BOUM84-5 Mediterranean Sea 22
RCC2744 Perkinsea Perkinsida Parvilucifera_sp P36 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC6040 Mediophyceae Chaetocerotales Chaetoceros_tenuissimus ID C5 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC4583 Mediophyceae Thalassiosirales Thalassiosira_minima FB_FLG-81-4 Southern Ocean 4
RCC7533 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_chagasii GV-37_P_203 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC2996 Cyanophyceae Cyanophyceae_X Cyanophyceae_XXX_sp Ishigaki 7-26-C1 Pacific Ocean 22
RCC6334 Trebouxiophyceae Trebouxiales Botryococcus_sp CCMP2742 inland
RCC4888 Dinophyceae Gonyaulacales Alexandrium_minutum PARALEX_1276 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC3535 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Gephyrocapsa_oceanica JA6-6 13
RCC1610 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Bathycoccus_prasinos MICROVIR 20K_4-4 Atlantic Ocean 13
RCC1 Chlorophyceae Chlamydomonadales Chlamydomonas_concordia PLY491 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC3872 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi CHC139 Pacific Ocean 13
RCC1814 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi BOUM13 Mediterranean Sea 17
RCC8014 Gammaproteobacteria Vibrionales Vibrio_crassostreae 21_13_O_117 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC5270 Prymnesiophyceae Prymnesiales Pseudohaptolina_sorokinii GE_PG_IC_SORT_272 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC4157 Flavobacteria Flavobacteriales Croceibacter_atlanticus F035 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC2282 Mediophyceae Chaetocerotales Chaetoceros_neogracilis MALINA S513 P28.F6 Arctic Ocean 4
RCC2554 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp A15-60 Clonal Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC4418 Eukaryota_XX Eukaryota_XXX Eukaryota_XXXXX_sp AMT 2013 - P187-A1 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC2832 Perkinsea Perkinsida Parvilucifera_sp P134 Atlantic Ocean 20
RCC1098 Cyanophyceae Synechococcales Synechococcus_sp A15-17 Atlantic Ocean 22
RCC1425 Prymnesiophyceae Coccolithales Chrysotila_sp AC526 Atlantic Ocean 17