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RCC# Class Order Species Strain name Ocean Growth t° Distributed Lost Cryo ABS
RCC6806 Flavobacteria Flavobacteriales Tenacibaculum_sp RA190104-48 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6807 Coscinodiscophyceae Coscinodiscales Coscinodiscus_sp Norw-M2 Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC6808 Coscinodiscophyceae Coscinodiscales Coscinodiscus_sp Norw-M3 Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC6809 Coscinodiscophyceae Coscinodiscales Coscinodiscus_sp Norw-M6 Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC6810 Coscinodiscophyceae Coscinodiscales Coscinodiscus_sp Norw-M1 Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC6811 Coscinodiscophyceae Coscinodiscales Coscinodiscus_sp Norw-wild Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC6812 Coscinodiscophyceae Coscinodiscales Coscinodiscus_sp R-R4514 Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC6814 Bacillariophyceae Naviculales Pleurosigma_sp R-PS1 Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC6815 Coscinodiscophyceae Rhizosoleniales Rhizosolenia_sp Rhizosolenia wild Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC6817 Coscinodiscophyceae Rhizosoleniales Rhizosolenia_sp R-R257 Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC6818 Mediophyceae Chaetocerotales Chaetoceros_sp G-P4-4 Mediterranean Sea 16
RCC6819 Mediophyceae Chaetocerotales Chaetoceros_sp R-R3 Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC6820 Mediophyceae Chaetocerotales Chaetoceros_sp R-R660 Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC6821 Mediophyceae Lithodesmiales Ditylum_sp R-R1 Atlantic Ocean 16
RCC6822 Alphaproteobacteria Rhizobiales Martella_sp RA190513-1 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6823 Gammaproteobacteria Alteromonadales Marinobacter_sp RA190513-3 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6824 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Chryseoglobus_sp RA190513-4 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6825 Alphaproteobacteria Sphingomonadales Erythrobacter_sp RA190513-5 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6826 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Epibacterium_sp RA190513-8 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6827 Actinobacteria_X Actinomycetales Brevibacterium_sp RA190513-9 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6828 Bacilli Bacillales Bacillus_sp RA190513-10 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6829 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Hyphomonas_sp RA190513-16 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6830 Gammaproteobacteria Alteromonadales Psychromonas_sp RA190513-19 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6831 Flavobacteria Flavobacteriales Spongiiferula_sp RA190513-20 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6832 Flavobacteria Flavobacteriales Maribacter_sp RA190513-24 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6833 Flavobacteria Flavobacteriales Muricauda_lutimaris RA190513-25 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6834 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Yoonia_sp RA190513-26 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6835 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Nioella_sp RA190513-28 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6836 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Paracoccus_sp RA190513-29 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6837 Gammaproteobacteria Alteromonadales Alteromonas_sp RA190513-30 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6838 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodospirillales Thalassospira_lohafexi RA190513-32 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6839 Flavobacteria Flavobacteriales Muricauda_aquimarina RA190513-33 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6840 Gammaproteobacteria Alteromonadales Pseudoalteromonas_sp RA190513-34 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6841 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Tateyamaria_sp RA190513-35 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6842 Alphaproteobacteria Rhodobacterales Stappia_sp RA190513-40 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6843 Gammaproteobacteria Oceanospirillales Alcanivorax_sp RA190513-42 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6844 Alphaproteobacteria Rhizobiales Martella_sp RA190513-44 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6845 Gammaproteobacteria Alteromonadales Marinobacter_sp RA190513-48 Atlantic Ocean 18
RCC6846 Nephroselmidophyceae Nephroselmidales Nephroselmis_sp A551 Mediterranean Sea 15
RCC6847 Nephroselmidophyceae Nephroselmidales Nephroselmis_sp B521 Mediterranean Sea 15
RCC6848 Pyramimonadophyceae Pyramimonadales Pyramimonas_sp A553 Mediterranean Sea 15
RCC6849 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Mantoniella_sp C1251 Mediterranean Sea 15
RCC6850 Mamiellophyceae Mamiellales Ostreococcus_tauri A1662 Mediterranean Sea 15
RCC6851 Bacillariophyta_X Bacillariophyta_XX Phaeodactylum_sp Phaeo Mediterranean Sea 15
RCC6852 Pavlovophyceae Pavlovales Pavlova_sp Pavlo Mediterranean Sea 15
RCC6853 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Fragilariopsis_cylindrus TAN1901-CTD4-D50-Enr-6B6 Southern Ocean 4
RCC6854 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Fragilariopsis_cylindrus TAN1901-CTD4-D50-Enr-6E6 Southern Ocean 4
RCC6855 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Fragilariopsis_cylindrus TAN1901-CTD4-D10-Enr-7E3 Southern Ocean 4
RCC6856 Prymnesiophyceae Isochrysidales Emiliania_huxleyi TAN1901-CTD4-D50-Enr-C2 Southern Ocean 4
RCC6857 Bacillariophyceae Bacillariales Pseudo-nitzschia_subcurvata TAN1901-CTD4-D50-Enr-6F2 Southern Ocean 4