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Evidence for parasite-mediated selection during short-lasting toxic algal blooms

TitleEvidence for parasite-mediated selection during short-lasting toxic algal blooms
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBlanquart F, Valero M, Alves-de-Souza C, Dia A, Lepelletier F, Bigeard E, Jeanthon C, Destombe C, Guillou L
JournalProceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Date Publishedoct
Keywords2016, blooms, during short-lasting toxic algal, evidence for parasite-mediated selection, nloaded from http, on october 26, org, RCC265, RCC2819, RCC2823, RCC2824, RCC2826, RCC2827, RCC2829, RCC2837, RCC2839, RCC2842, RCC2849, RCC2850, RCC2852, RCC2853, RCC2857, RCC2861, RCC2862, RCC2867, RCC2870, RCC2876, RCC2879, RCC2885, RCC2888, RCC2891, RCC2893, RCC2901, RCC2902, RCC2903, RCC2907, RCC2912, RCC2913, RCC2916, RCC2917, RCC2922, RCC2926, RCC2927, RCC2928, RCC2929, RCC301, RCC3018, RCC302, RCC303, RCC3186, RCC3187, RCC3188, RCC3189, RCC3190, RCC3191, RCC3192, RCC3193, RCC3194, RCC3195, RCC3196, RCC3197, RCC3224, RCC3227, RCC3228, RCC3230, RCC3233, RCC3235, RCC3236, RCC3237, RCC3239, RCC3250, RCC3251, RCC3253, RCC3255, RCC3256, RCC3257, RCC3258, RCC3259, RCC3260, RCC3261, RCC3262, RCC3263, RCC3264, RCC3265, RCC3267, RCC3278, RCC3279, RCC3280, RCC3281, RCC3282, RCC3283, RCC3284, RCC3285, RCC3286, RCC3287, RCC3288, RCC3289, RCC3290, RCC3291, RCC3326, RCC3327, RCC3331, RCC3333, RCC3334, RCC3335, RCC3336, RCC3337, RCC3339, RCC3342, RCC3343, RCC3348, RCC3349, RCC3352, RCC3353, RCC3354, RCC3356, RCC3357, RCC3358, RCC3359, RCC336, RCC3360, RCC3361, RCC3362, RCC3363, RCC3364, RCC3365, RCC3366, royalsocietypublishing, rspb, sbr{\_}phyto{\_}dipo, sbr{\_}phyto{\_}mapp