List of the most common culture media used in the Roscoff Culture Collection (with links to the other web sites).

  • Components for some media can be ordered from :
  • If you do not have access to fresh seawater, Red Sea Salt (broken link) can be used to reconstitute sea water and seems to provide good results with marine cyanobacteria Synechococcus. Alternatively you may order sea water from NCMA (if you can afford it...).

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For all media

  • Leave the seawater (SW) to age for 2 months at room temperature;
    Note : This"aging" step is critical (but akin to black magic) because during that period bacteria present in the sea water will degrade many organic molecules that are probably detrimental to algae.  Our experince shows that medium made with 'fresh' seawater will in many cases prevent cells from growing.
  • Filter SW through 0.2µm membrane filter and autoclave;
  • Autoclave the different nutrient solutions;
  • Asceptically add the nutrients to the SW and store at 20°C.
Special case media
Titlesort descending Used for Recipe file Purchase Info Remark
BG11 Freshwater cyanobacteria pdf Appelé PCC-539
Bold SW Some eukaryotes pdf Sigma B5282 Made in sea water
Conway Used in aquaculture for large scale cultures pdf Not used at RCC
DY-V Chrysamoeba MnSO4 replaces ZnSO4
ESM Isolation and maintenance of Chlorarachniophyceae pdf NIES website Visit the NIES website for more info
ET (extrait de terre) - Soil extract Can supplement any medium pdf Soil extract can help with difficult cultures in particular dinoflagellates
JM SW Cryptophyceae pdf Made in sea water
K Chryso Isolation of marine Chrysophyceae pdf
K/2 Ian K medium diluted half strength and modified by Ian Probert pdf Works well with haptophytes
PCC 559 Prochlorococcus and other cyanobacteria pdf From Pasteur Collection. We do not use it.
Rice For heterotrophic eukaryotes pdf
SN Some Synechococcus cyanobacteria pdf
YEP For Schizochytrium pdf
Most commonly used
Titlesort descending Used for Recipe file Purchase Info Remark
f/2 Some photosynthetic eukaryotes (dinoflagellates, ...) pdf
K Most photosynthetic eukaryotes pdf Sigma K1630
K + Si For Diatoms pdf
K/2 K medium diluted twice pdf
L1 Eukaryotes pdf NCMA Receipe obtained from NCMA web site. This medium is a variation of K and f/2 and works very well for many species.
PCR-S11 Red Sea Salt Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus cyanobacteria pdf From Pasteur Collection
Red Sea Salt Can be used to reconstitute sea water. Manufactured by Red Sea pdf Red Sea web site Works well with Synechococcus and Prochlorococcus
General information
Titlesort descending Used for Recipe file Purchase Info Remark
Recommendations for culturing algal strains pdf